Pampers (P&G)

  • Sales promotion
 Sub category
  • Sampling activity
  • Maintain Pampers’ Diapers Market Share
  • Encourage new purchase trials through affordable SKUs (i.e. Pampers’ Mainline Taped)
  • Encourage current consumers to trade up (i.e. Pampers’ Mainline To Pampers Premium Care)
  • Generate Brand Awareness & Sales of Pampers Pure
  • Encourage consumers to register with Pampers Club (Loyalty Rewards App)
  • All ISPs thoroughly trained with a sales speech. Speech enables ISPs to lead all types of diapers consumers to a Pampers’ purchase
  • Every close of sale must result in the consumer registering with Pampers Club. A leaflet is distributed for effective messaging
  • Provision of weekly reports on Out Of Stock and competitor sales promotions, enabling quick response action
  • Distribution of Pampers Pants Leaflets & diapers samples to encourage new consumer entry
  • Effective distinguishing of premium SKUs from baseline products, leading to up-selling
  • Distribution of Pampers Pure Leaflets to create full awareness of the new product line
  • Pampers’ market share is over 70% @ 34/38 ISP outlets
  • Pampers’ Mainline Taped sales continually increase month-on-month since Oct’19
  • Most taped diapers consumers are moving onto pants diapers (Up-sales)
  • Pampers’ Pure is currently No.1 within organic diapers category
  • Pampers’ Club has motivated continual buying from consumers residing within an outlet’s community