NFPC- Lacnor Healthy

  • Marketing
 Sub category
  •  Sales Promotions
  • Raise awareness of the health benefits of Lacnor Healthy Living juices
  • Strengthen the brand identity of health and great taste through cocktail creation
  • Provide and create a unique experience for the customers to brighten their day in order to capture new customers and retaining existing customers
  • Activate in different environments/settings
  • Provide the public with free freshly made, ice cold Mocktails from a professional bartender/drink mixer who will use the Lacnor Healthy Living juices along with other fresh ingredients
  • In addition to the bartender, a trained promoter was working along side him to bring in crowds and educate the public on health benefits
  • Coordination with workers to ensure all stock of FOC is present of each flavor, all necessary ingredients for the Mocktail creation is present, and all other facets of the activation are in order to give the customer the maximum experience
  • Recording valuable data of flavor preference and popularity for the brand
  • Raised brand awareness and brand identity amongst a select audience of Ripe Market.
  • New customers are aware of the health benefits that Lacnor Healthy Living provides
  • Many are aware that one can create delicious flavored mocktails, using the Lacnor HL juices