• Sales promotion
 Sub category
  • Sampling activity

Approach mothers /father and ask her/his if she /he has kids and what are the ages.
If they are above 1,

  • Ask them which brand, S26 PROGRESS GOLD, competitor, cow milk.
  • IF S26 PG, Thank the mother for using, then detail the key messages on our upgrade.

Professionally trained 5 promoters were deployed in trade for promoting Wyeth S 26 and Illuma to generate sales with the below product information as promoters were educating the consumers that

  • Nutrition impact on mental and physical development of her child and her role in it and its effect on his/her learning
  • With our enhanced formula we provide the mom with nutrition that supports her child’s mental and physical development and we also provide her with tools (ex. website and educational material) to drive her child’s social development.
  • The synergistic effect of the nutrients we have and the bio factors system to develop the child’s mental and physical development.
  • Highest level of DHA among any other brands available in the market.

IF parents not using S26 PG, all the detail key messages on our upgrade and differentiate our brand vs competition details were collected by our promoters.

Then the goodie bags were given out (samples, brand flyer, activity book)

promoters also Collected consumer information “Name, e mail, brand”
Also the promoters conveyed the message that if concerns please refer to the can for the contact details of our call center.


During the period of 11 months in i.e. from Jan to Nov in the year 2019, we were able to reach 26,450 consumers across the total in trade locations with an average sales of 4 tins per session per location with an increasing ROI boosting from June till November. We were able to shift around 25% of mothers who were using fresh milk to use our formula and more than 20% of mothers were shifted from other brands to ours.