Nestlé-Cerelac Puree

  • Sales promotion
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  • Launch
  • To introduce our new cerelac puree pouches to consumers and raising their awareness that it is a healthy and 100% natural , sugar free with no preservatives snack for babies 6 months and above.
  • Its available in 6 main flavors which are : Banana Apples & oats , 6 fruits , Banana Orange & Biscuits , Apple Carrot & Mango , Banana & Apple.
  • To educate the consumers that Ceralac puree is oraganic, premium and hygenic and a convenients way to feed the kids outdoors.
  • Free samples were given out to the consumers to try out.
  • Promters were acknowleding the parents that Cerelac puree in pouches is 100 % natural and all preservatives are coming from the fruits themselves with one drop added of natural Vitamin C.
  • No added sugars: All sugars present in our pouch is from the fruits and nothing else is added.
  • All Made from real fruits and grains.
  • CERELAC Puree Pouch is considered as snack and doesn’t replace the main meal.
  • Feeding Method – From 6 months to 1 year mother should feed the baby with a spoon and from 1 year onwards baby can squeeze and eat it by himself